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奧利粵慕丝 Oreo Mousse

奧利粵慕丝 Oreo Mousse

A:奧利粵Oreo夹心饼干、清水3汤匙、鱼胶粉1汤匙、芝士奶油250克(室温)、盐1⁄4茶匙、 鲜奶油125毫升、炼奶80克
B:发起鲜奶油100毫升(打发)、巧克力膏1茶匙装饰巧克力碎、 铝箔杯14-15个(5.5公分)
1. 把鱼胶粉和水混合,然后隔水煮3分钟至溶解,待稍微冷却。(图1)
2. 用电动搅拌器把芝士奶油、盐、油及炼奶搅拌至细滑, 然后混入鱼胶。(图2-3)
3. 把奧利粵夹心饼干整块平放在杯底。(图4)
4. 把芝士糊料倒在杯里的饼干上面。(图5)
5. 握着杯边摇撼,以让糊料渗入,然后放入冰箱至少1小时以待成型。
6. 一旦成型后,撕掉外层,把材料B混合,然后装入挤袋,装饰表面,并撒上巧克力碎。冷吃。(图6-8)

【Ingredients】Makes about 14
A:Oreo biscuits(with its cream), 3 Tbsps water, 1 Tbsp gelatine powder , 250 g cream cheese(at room temperature),
1⁄4 tsp salt, 125 ml dairy cream, 80 g condensed milk
B:100 ml whipping cream(whipped), 1 tsp chocolate emulco chocolate dredges for deco, 14-15 foil cupcake liners [5.5cm] 【Method】
1. In a heat-proof bowl, combine water & gelatine. Let it plum up and double boil for 3 minute. Stir to melt and set aside
to cool slightly.(pic 1)
2. Use an electric food processor to beat the cream cheese, salt, cream and condensed milk until smooth. Beat in gelatine
mixture. (pic 2-3)
3. Place the whole oreo biscuit onto the base of each cupcake foil. (pic 4)
4. Pour cheese mixture into the prepared biscuit lined foil cupcake liners. (pic 5)
5. Tap the cupcake liners on the benchtop a few times to settle the mixture. Place in the fridge for 1 hour or overnight to set.
6. Once set, peel off the liners. Combine ingredients B. Pipe cream over the oreo mousse & decorate with chocolate
dredges. Serve chilled.(pic 6-8)


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